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Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

When i read paranormacy i knew absolutely nothing about it. i had just grabbed it off the shelf of the library. i had nearly returned it without reading it ***GASP*** i just hadn't felt in the mood for a ghost story as i was sure it was about from looking at the cover. boy was i wrong. it is not about ghosts at all.

      It has it all it has werewolf's, vampires, (really cute) shape shifters, faeries/fey(the real kind, the evil kind not the Disney version).

    that book has had me acting like a total idiot  i started cracking up at the first sentence(you want to know what the first sentence is READ IT) i will admit i cried at parts to. i mean that is a mark of a really good book it has you alternately laughing and crying.


   i must admit the worst part of the book for me is Evie's love for pink. but i totally get it cause i mean that is what she see's as normal and all she really wants is to be normal. those who know me know i think pink is way over rated and that i can't abide by it. but then add sparkles to the mix and i want to pull my hair out. (for the record evie purple is actually the color worth the hype)

   but even through my dislike if pink and sparkles (no offense Evie) i loved that book. she is and orphan who bounced around to different foster family's until she was 8. then the paranormal containment agency s found her. her ability to see through glamors was unheard of (a glamor is like a magical... costume that lets them look like normal people) and very much desired all the country s argued over her till they formed a treaty and the international paranormal containment agency or the IPCA  

  I must say my next... holiday wish list is a purple taser i mean a one size fits all for paranormals that is just great!!!!

    ok isn't everyone tired of the millions of stereotypical books out there?? especially vampire/werewolf things after twilight i mean really how much of the same old same old can the world take??? this book though it has vampires and werewolf and other paranormals it is by far not stereotypical this author though some traditional concepts were kept(for example vampires are allergic and can be killed by holy water) the author mostly took artistic liberty i mean it was amazing and original.

    an ok now reth has to have his own paragraph but he has to share it with the other. ok so evies EX reth... well he is crypt mysterious and angelically beautiful, but even the most perfect have to have a flaw or 2 so what are reths

1. he is an evil faerie

2.  he has the wolds worst temper

it was the temper that made her break up with him after that she later learned about the whole evil part....

what i don't get is how some people  love him i mean don't get me wrong he if amazing in the hate character sort of way like i hate Voldemort but it wouldn't be harry potter with out him so he is awesome. so think about this i won't give any thing away but reth isn't even the worst faerie sleep on that mwahahaha. (sorry just had to do that)

oh and bye the way the author is awesome and i encourage everyone to follow her blog.... if you must know i refresh it every few hours to see if she posted anything new! she is a happy bubbly person that is hilarious and i someone i would love to meet!